Former students thank Kumon for their career success

Kumon was established in Ireland in 2000, and over the preceding 18 years has grown into the largest supplementary education provider, having helped thousands of young people realise and develop towards their true potential.

At Kumon learning is for the long run; Kumon looks towards the adult the student will become, and aims to instil in them the knowledge, skills and mind-set to achieve future success.

We were so pleased to catch up with two Kumon alumni, Vet and veterinary business owner Rhian Hobrough and Independent Games Developer Jay Armstrong, and hear how their commitment to the programmes as children helped them work towards, and achieve their career goals."

As a young girl, maths was Rhian's 'Achilles heel'. She lacked real confidence in the subject which was also beginning to affect her progress in physics. Concerned this would halt her dreams of becoming a vet, Rhian looked to Kumon for extra support and began studying on the maths programme, aged 11. It is this continued study over the next eight years which Rhian credits as her saving grace.

Being taken back to the basics meant any gaps in Rhian's knowledge were filled which developed her confidence and helped her build strong foundations for more advanced study. Rhian started to believe in herself, realising she wasn't as 'awful at maths' as she truly believed.

"Looking back, I can honestly say that the problems I suffered with maths stemmed right from junior school; I was never confident in the maths basics, so then the more complex problems knocked my confidence even further. Breaking down this confidence barrier meant not only could I become a massive maths fan, but it shaped me into the person I am today.

"You cannot be a vet without being good at maths, so the numeracy skills Kumon taught me have been invaluable, however Kumon taught me much more than just maths. It taught me discipline, and the importance of hard work. The veterinary degree is a difficult one, and without discipline and dedication to study you simply cannot pass. Now I'm a fully qualified vet, something I would never have been without Kumon."

Next, allow us to introduce Jay, a successful Independent Games Developer based in Southampton, who again struggled with maths as a child, yet now calls upon his advanced maths skills when creating 2-dimensional flash games that are playable on the internet.

When Jay began studying with Kumon he admits he didn't realise, at the time, how instrumental this would be to his future success.

Jay was able to develop his maths skills to a high level by studying on the Kumon Maths Programme, and furthermore, thanks Kumon for the work ethic and independent study skills he gained. These gave him the self-assurance to become self-employed and launch his career as an independent developer of fantastically exciting games.

"Aside from the skills in mathematics itself, having to do work every day was amazingly beneficial. Having that regular commitment definitely instils some sense of discipline in you that has stead me well for the rest of my life.

"Without this discipline and the skills of individual learning there's no way I'd be able to do what I do now because I'm completely self-taught, and the way I learnt was by drawing a lot and figuring out how to programme by doing individual study. These skills, and of course maths, are absolutely integral to my career.

"I still follow the principles I learnt at Kumon all those years ago - self-discipline and determination will get you the results."

If, like Rhian and Jay, Kumon study in your youth helped make you the person you are today, we'd love to hear from you too! Please get in touch with us to share your story by emailing

This year Kumon celebrates its 60th year, so we are eager now more than ever, to hear about and share the experiences of our Kumon students across the generations.

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