Why my children study Kumon

May 2015

Meet some of the Fitzpatrick family, Aoife a 12 year old maths student at the Kumon Clontarf Study Centre, and her mother Bernadine.

Aoife enrolled on the Kumon Maths Programme two years ago and is now studying at ASHR1, which means she is studying one year above the Kumon International Standard (an international approximation of school grade level).

Aoife enrolled on the Kumon Maths Programme when she started to fall behind in school, an easy decision for the Fitzpatrick family to make as they had already witnessed the positive effects of the Kumon Method of Learning through older brother Ruadhan, who began the programme one year earlier.

Studying level G of the maths programme (where she is tackling algebra) has resulted in Aoife being promoted to the top group of maths in her school.

And these are not the only positive changes busy adolescent Aoife has seen (she is a member of her local Sea Scouts, has weekly singing lessons, is a trainee Rookie Lifeguard, and, as a family, the Fitzpatrick's enjoy board games and regularly go Geocaching - an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", anywhere in the world). As she explains: "Kumon has helped me in other areas of my life, such as giving me patience, and confidence, and I am able to blot out other noises when I am doing work, and that helps as well."

Aoife's mum Bernadine has found her children sail through school thanks to mastering topics at Kumon first, and finds Kumon fills in the gaps on the topics previously covered but not grasped at school.

An avid fan of Kumon, Bernadine says: "I would definitely recommend Kumon and I have recommended Kumon to my friends. There is no doubt it's a big commitment, it is a commitment from the parents and it's a commitment from the child, it is possible to incorporate it into your daily routine, it's very flexible, so even though you're committing to do it every day, its only 30 minutes a day. I'm thrilled she is doing well in her maths, it one less thing I have to worry about for her going into secondary school next year."