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My name is Anne Prior and I am the Instructor of the Kumon Carrick-on-Shannon Study Centre. I originally came across the Kumon programme as a parent and thought it appeared to be a great opportunity for my own two children. I believe that the self-learning skills and confidence in their abilities it promotes will be of great benefit to them, not only in their school life but beyond.
My children started in one subject each and I was delighted with their progress. The only drawback was that the centre was an hour’s drive from home, so I decided to train as an Instructor myself. I have worked in the HSE since I left college but in recent years I have wanted to change my career path and had considered many options. I am delighted now that I chose to be a Kumon Instructor. I have my own business, which brings many challenges at times, but I enjoy the planning and decision making, as well as the satisfaction of the growth and successes we have achieved.

The Carrick-on-Shannon Study Centre opened in November 2012 and I am pleased to say that along with my own two children, the first student to start with me still attends. As both a Kumon parent and Instructor, I have a very good insight into the challenges but more importantly, into the benefits the Kumon programme offers our students.

The skills we develop at Kumon include concentration, perseverance, motivation, self-confidence, following instructions, time-management, strong reading ability, mental calculation, problem solving, correction skills and comprehension (to name a few)! Not only do these serve them well for their school or college life, but also for their lives beyond academics. Instruction is individualised, so each student receives guidance according to their abilities and they are not limited by their age or school class level, as to how they can progress. This is unique to Kumon and is one of its core principles. Our goal is to have the students working on work above their school level, to be doing this independently and to reach that point as quickly as possible.


Subjects: English, Maths
Class Times
Tuesday: 3.30pm - 6.30pm
Saturday: 11am - 1pm
Registration: 35 €
Subject: 75 € pcm
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