Meet the Instructor

Hello, my name is Carol Woods and I'm the Instructor at the Kumon Drumcondra Study Centre. This is my opportunity to introduce myself to you, to give you an idea of my background and skillset, and to show you what drove me to become a Kumon Instructor.

Before joining Kumon I completed a degree and post grad in business, before becoming qualified as a marketing consultant. I’ve worked in the investment industry for several years, with much of my work requiring me to deal with the actuarial and compliance side of the business. As a result I developed a penchant for numbers.

I have always been passionate about education and learning and as a parent I’ve always wanted the best for my children, but have been concerned that I may not be doing enough to support them through their education. After doing some research, I found that Kumon has a unique method of learning, with individualised study programmes for each child.

I have five young children and Kumon has been a part of our daily lives since 2013, with four of my children currently doing the Kumon programmes. Being both a Kumon parent and an Instructor has given me a unique insight into the benefits of Kumon. It really does provide a positive influence on a child's performance at school, and homework is no longer the drawn out affair, as it used to be. I have also seen each of my children develop in confidence and mental ability.

My role as an Instructor is to guide and motivate the students through the maths and English programmes to be successful, whilst ensuring that their learning experience is fun. I am lucky to be supported by a team of bright and motivated assistants who help me in the calm, focused atmosphere of the study centre.

One of the most rewarding elements of my role is seeing each child improve week-on-week, gaining confidence in topics that they may have once struggled with or thought beyond their grasp.

With the Kumon Method behind them, they become eager to answer questions and contribute to group discussions, in both an educational and social environment. You can easily spot a Kumon child, as they are the ones who know their times table back to front and are enthusiastically telling you about all of the books that they love to read.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Drumcondra Study Centre. We enrol students all year round, so please do not hesitate to give me a call for further information.


Subjects: English, Maths
Class Times
Wednesday: 2.30pm - 4.30pm
Friday: 2.30pm - 4.30pm
Registration: 40 €
Subject: 75 € pcm
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