Meet the Instructor

My name is Tara Brown and I am the Kumon Instructor at the Dún Laoghaire Study Centre.

My background is in computer science and I have been working for the past 20 years in multinationals both in Ireland and the US. However, the birth of my third child last year prompted me to look for a change in direction. My passion has been learning and I have also dabbled in teaching while in college on a voluntary basis. This has been mostly through the Outreach Programme in Dublin which is a voluntary organisation for teaching maths to kids in disadvantaged areas, and the Power Lunch in Manhattan, which is a wonderful reading programme for kids on a volunteer basis.

I came across Kumon through a friend whose children were excelling on the programmes. I initially was interested in enrolling my own children and ended up training as an Instructor!

My three-year-old twins started on the programmes recently and already I can see a huge improvement in their counting, pencil skills and letter recognition. This affects every area of their life in a totally positive way. Shopping trips in the car are now opportunities to count the numbers on car park spaces and walks around our estate involve counting the house numbers on gate posts. I set aside 15 minutes each morning after breakfast to do their worksheets with them and they never let me forget! They are ready with their pencils for the drawing worksheets and each takes a turn on the Numberboard.

What I enjoy most about being a Kumon Instructor is seeing my students improve week on week, gaining in confidence on a topic they previously may have thought was difficult.  I am also constantly learning from my students and discovering ways to become a better Instructor.  Continuous training is an important part of being a Kumon Instructor and what better way to learn than on the job.


Subjects: English, Maths
Class Times
Monday: 5.15pm - 7.15pm
Saturday: 9.30am - 12pm
Registration: 50 €
Subject: 80 € pcm
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