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Kumon Instructor Kildare Study Centre

Hi there, I’m Colette and I’m the Instructor at the Kumon Kildare Study Centre.

I’m a local lady having grown up in Kildare and attended school in Sallins and later in St. Mary’s Naas. It was here that my love of maths was fostered and my wonderful English teacher introduced me to the joys of Shakespeare; he even persuaded me to play Othello on stage! Further study took me to University of Limerick where I graduated with a Business degree in Accounting & Finance.

I worked for almost 18 years in industry where my job as Program Manager took me travelling all over Europe, Middle East and Africa, working to get the best out of diverse International teams.

More recently, I’ve been staying a little closer to home in Calverstown, taking care of my little boy, the dog Bran and the cat Fluffy. I’ve worked as a project mentor with a teen theatre group and in the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of working with the beavers, cubs and scouts, as a leader with my local scouting group. I’ve seen firsthand how child-led activities can bring out the potential in even the most retiring and reticent of children. With a little instruction and room to progress at their own pace, I believe children can thrive; learning new concepts and skills, from pitching a tent to mastering long-division.

As my son progressed through school, I’d been on the look out to start a business of my own; something I could truly put my heart into and I found that with Kumon. I’m a fully qualified trainer and I’m dedicated to mentoring and developing children, giving them every possible chance to succeed. What makes me passionate about the Kumon Method is the life skills it teaches a child; excellent study skills, long-term focus, goal setting and self-motivation. In today’s stressful world, with exam pressure, the race for college places and jobs, Kumon trains a child to look positively on challenges, concentrate on what they can do, not what they can’t. Confident in their own unique ability, the child advances step by step knowing that they will succeed by perseverance and determination.

More and more our children will need to compete in an international environment and having gone through Kumon they will be part of a truly global community, regardless of differences in lifestyle, educational system and culture. Kumon achievements are recognised internationally. What began from a father’s love for his child has remained consistent for 60 years simply because it works. I’m proud to be part of this heritage and I’m sure your children will be too.

I very much look forward to meeting you and setting off on our Kumon journey together!


Subjects: English, Maths
Class Times
Wednesday: 3.30pm - 6.30pm
Saturday: 12pm - 3.30pm
Registration: 40 €
Subject: 75 € pcm
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