Correspondence Courses

If there is not a study centre near you, I, Leigh Goodman, have been catering for students who wish to study by correspondence since 2000, offering the Kumon Maths and English Programmes wherever you are. I live in Cork, but my students live throughout Ireland, with contact maintained largely via email.

The study programmes that each student follows are the same, whether studying at a local study centre or by correspondence and my students make excellent progress in the convenience of their own homes.

I post all the materials that students need once a fortnight and the results are to be returned to me weekly by email.

Any questions or problems you may have are discussed either by email or on the phone and students' targets and progress are closely monitored. Maintaining regular, open communication between student, parent and Instructor is vital to make working by correspondence a success.

Kumon should not be considered a traditional tuition provider as, rather than ‘teaching’ students, we encourage them to become independent learners who feel confident in their own abilities and able to face unfamiliar work.

The unique Kumon Maths and English Programmes pursue the potential of each child by developing confident, independent learners through individualised, advanced study.


Subjects: English, Maths
Registration: 30 €
Subject: 75 € pcm
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