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Community news

At Kumon, we aim to nurture a generation of confident, independent children who can contribute to the global community. We too take our commitment to the community very seriously and strive to be a force for good throughout Ireland. This section of our website is dedicated to our community news, including the expansion of Kumon, community events and our work with charities and partners.

PISA releases the results of first-ever international study on collaborative problem-solving, aimed at seeing whether today’s youth have the co-operative skills essential for success in the 21st century.

Having a comfortable environment for your child to complete their homework and study at home will be of immense benefit to their learning, but is there an ideal place?

Meet 12-year-old Aoife, a student at the Kumon Clontarf Study Centre who is now studying one year ahead of the Kumon International Standard (an approximation of school-grade level). She shares with us the benefits of the Kumon programmes.