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Student case study Jack

Jack enrolled at the Kumon Carrick-on-Shannon Study Centre in December 2012, when he was eight years old and in 3rd class. Jacinta, his mum, had heard of Kumon before as Jack has a cousin in Minneapolis who had been studying the Kumon programme. When she saw it advertised in the local paper in Carrick she thought it might be good for Jack. Through individually set, daily study, Jack progressed to beyond school level work in just eight months.

Jacinta says: “I thought the Kumon Maths Programme would be good for Jack to improve his maths ability and in particular help him with his subtraction, which he found difficult. Jack had no trouble doing the worksheets at the beginning and got into the daily habit quite quickly. In a few months we could see his maths had improved, he became more confident and seemed to get over his problems with subtraction.

At school his grades improved and he got his highest ever maths standardised test score. He was even happy to volunteer to do maths on the board in his school class, something he would not have been comfortable doing before Kumon. Jack’s attitude and concentration towards schoolwork in general has improved and we are very happy with his progress.

Jack says: “I quite like going to Kumon class. I am now doing maths at Kumon that we have not done at school and though I sometimes find it difficult, I always learn to figure it out and then I can do it myself without help. I think Kumon is good; it helps me with my schoolwork and my homework is easier and quicker to do.”