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Mallow case study for map

Alex enrolled on the Kumon Maths Programme at the Mallow Study Centre in January 2012, aged seven. He has since progressed from basic addition to studying fractions independently.

He explains: “Kumon has helped me a lot with my concentration and how quickly I can answer questions. Kumon is easy sometimes and I really like when I finish it and have got everything right. The hard part of Kumon is making sure I do it every day. When I do a Kumon book one day I like to see if I can beat my time with the next book!

My Mam, Dad and Instructor Leigh help me the most with my Kumon and I have already got two medals and certificates, which I am very proud of; I even brought them to school to show my friends.”

Alex’s parents say: “Alex absolutely loves maths and Kumon has been a very effective way for Alex to channel this. We first looked at the Kumon programme as a way to challenge Alex as he was getting bored with maths in school. When we first met with Leigh, his Instructor, we were sure it was right for Alex as Leigh clearly shared the same passion for maths as Alex.

When he has a tough day with Kumon we always tell Alex that it is his choice if he wants to continue doing Kumon and he can stop if he doesn’t want to do it. To his credit, he always says it is for his own benefit and wants to continue.

Alex is now at least two years ahead of the school programme but despite this his interest in maths class in school has certainly increased and his concentration levels have hugely improved. He is also more confident. We feel Kumon has helped Alex in a number of ways, academically as well as with his concentration, confidence and self-discipline.”