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Letterkenny case study for map

Hello, my name is Chloe. I am ten years old and I am in the 4th class at school. I was one of the first students to join the local Kumon centre in Letterkenny when it opened in October 2012.

Before I joined Kumon I found it hard to study English at school. I am a Filipino, born and raised in Ireland and my family is bilingual. Kumon has really helped my grades in school; in the same year I got perfect fives on my report card for the English subject. It has helped boost my self-confidence whenever I converse in the English language.

I like the Instructor and assistants because they are very nice and helpful. This makes me and the other students feel more comfortable. The parts that I enjoy most are stories in the worksheets. Some of the stories are fictional or about history, which I find very interesting. To me, it’s a fun way of learning!

I started with Kumon at level 2A, learning sound and letter combinations, and am currently on level FI, studying descriptive language and how to breakdown a paragraph.

Kumon has really helped me in English at school and it is now much easier for me to do English work than it was before Kumon. Now, I would like to be a writer when I’m older.