Is my child too young to join Kumon?

Apr 2018
During April/May many Kumon centres nationwide are offering a two-week Free Trial for children under five to help them get the best start.

Children love to learn and are naturally inquisitive; at Kumon we want to build on this enjoyment of learning and help them develop key skills early on. We have children as young as two studying with us.

I am sure you have been amazed at how your child has learned something quickly or said something that you know you didn’t teach them, that they’ve picked up themselves. Children take delight in learning, being able to show you how much they have learned, and seeing you smile in awe and pride. 

Kumon believes wholeheartedly in the value of initiating the maths and English programmes at an early age to enable young children to grow in confidence, build their numeracy and literacy skills before starting school and allow them to thrive in the classroom. 

The worksheets used at preschool level are colourful, highly engaging and designed to give each child a real sense of achievement. Their structure is carefully planned to enable students to learn smoothly whilst harnessing their natural enthusiasm and zest for absorbing information. 

On these early levels of the programme children develop their concentration skills, so they can focus for five, ten, fifteen minutes and then for longer periods of time. With the help of our qualified Instructors, they develop their motor skills, number recognition and vocabulary and enjoy reading together with one of our dedicated assistants. 

During April/May many Kumon centres nationwide are offering a two-week Free Trial for children under five* to help them get the best start. 

The Free Trial for Young Learners allows you to attend the study centre for two consecutive weeks and find out how the Kumon Method of Learning can help your child reach their full potential. For more information about the Free Trial for Young Learners, please do contact us now.

The effect of a preschool education has been proven to boost academic performance right up until secondary school, so there really is a great benefit in starting early. 

* Only at participating Kumon study centres.Terms and conditions apply. Subject to availability – spaces are limited. Dates may vary.