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Kumon Kids love Strawberry Season

Jun 2024

There’s nothing better than the taste of fresh, sweet, succulent strawberries—the quintessential summertime fruit that most kids love. And at this time of year – they’re in season and bountiful!

Why do Kumon kids love strawberries?

Good for their brains and bodies

Strawberries are among the healthiest fruits for children. The colour and striking appearance of strawberries attract us because they're juicy and sweet taste. The fruit is a rich-nutrient fruit and a source of vitamin C, fibre, minerals; potassium, calcium and magnesium and, antioxidant flavonoids; Anthocyanins and Quercetin

Good for a pre-study snack

Giving your kids some strawberries for a snack rather than biscuits or any other processed food is undoubtedly the better choice before they start their Kumon study.  

Lots of varieties to learn about

If your kids love strawberries, why not seek out all the different varieties in your local stores? Jubilee, Sonata, English Rose and Driscoll Camarillo, Elsanta - try as many different varieties as you can over the summer months. For those that are super-keen, a family rating of the flavour, texture and price of your favourites is a fun chart for kids to design and stick to the fridge! 

Practical maths 

Anything can be used to support practical maths at home, but counting strawberries and calculating the price per fruit is a good practical way for children to get involved in the shopping.   

Creating memories

For many families, the smell of fresh strawberries can trigger good memories of a summer afternoon of picking strawberries together - juice-stained lips and faces with many more eaten than make it home! Depending upon where find yourself this summer, seek out a strawberry field offering  P.Y.O. ‘Pick Your Own’, and create your family's own summer strawberry-picking memories! 

Good for helping with children’s hydration

With 3 grams of fibre in every cup and a high water content, eating strawberries can encourage hot toddlers and children to eat and help prevent constipation or 'get things moving' again.

Make the most of early summer's favourite fruit while they're at their best!