Kumon - Over 50 years, now in 50 countries

Mar 2018
Kumon reaches another landmark number
Two recent Kumon study centre openings have been of note; Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, has recently opened two Kumon centres marking the first presence of Kumon in Cambodia. This is an important step in itself as the company introduces its language and maths programme to a new culture but it also brings the number of countries and regions currently learning through Kumon to an impressive 50. This ties in with a key Kumon goal: to offer as many children as possible the opportunity to learn using the Kumon Method. This is at the very heart of the company's ethos. The reason for this is Kumon's deep sense of caring about children and the drive to help build confidence and skills that will support them in all walks of life.

Building confidence
Both the Kumon Maths and English Programmes are different from other tuition available and uses traditional paper-based worksheet study on a daily basis tailored to the specific level of each child. The expertise of Kumon Instructors is a key factor in the success of this learning method, setting worksheets at just the right level so that their students can make progress steadily through independent study. Being set up for success in this way helps engage children with learning and builds confidence.

Learning transcends borders
The great thing about Kumon study is that it focuses on building strong foundations in language and numeracy. This means it is not tied to any academic curriculum and so is relevant for different countries around the world. You can take a look here at the countries and regions that are currently learning through the Kumon Method or have a look at how some of our Ireland students have got on with learning through Kumon.