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Kumon's top tips for going back to school

Aug 2023
Getting back to the flow of school work will be all the easier if you’ve kept up with a little Kumon study everyday throughout the summer.

Many children who are currently enjoying their summer holidays would rather not be thinking about going back to school just yet but, at Kumon, we encourage our students to be confident and independent individuals that take responsibility for their own learning and that includes their schoolwork. Here are some of our top tips for getting back to the swing of things once the holidays end:

1) If you feel nervous about returning to school, remember your friends will likely be feeling the same way. If you haven’t kept in touch with your friends over the summer holidays, arrange to meet up with them a few days before the new school term, so that you can catch up. The support of your friends can help to make the first day back seem less daunting.  

2) Preparing for the school routine means getting back to a good sleeping pattern and a more regular bedtime. It is always best to start going to bed earlier a few days before school starts, so you are refreshed on your first day back.
3) Begin your new sensible eating routine and start your day with a nourishing, healthy breakfast to ensure you are ready for the day. Studies have found that those children who miss breakfast between 6am to 9am fall short of essential minerals and vitamins throughout the day [Heart Research UK]. Why not choose and plan your breakfast the night before so you have something tasty to get up for?

4) Ensure you are prepared with plenty of school supplies, so you are organised and able to keep up with your classwork.

5) Prepare your school uniform, find your water bottle and pack your bag the night before, so you are calm and ready to go in the morning.

6) Most likely, a new school year will mean a new teacher and maybe classmates so try to be patient, friendly and welcoming to everyone.

7) Show your parents how independent you now are and think about what else you will need. Do you have a packed lunch or a canteen pass? Have you packed your house keys, bus pass or other travel items you need to take?

Getting back into the flow of school work will be all the easier if you’ve kept up with a little Kumon study every day throughout the summer. If you did, congratulations! Your brain will feel sharper, and you’ll be ready to tackle new school work this term!