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Should your child get a summer job?

Jul 2024

What with school, homework and extracurricular activities, children can often have little free time left during the school term. The extended summer holiday period can be the perfect time to introduce your child to the world of work with their first summer job. Whether it is through a two-week work placement, seasonal work at a local shop, or going door to door and offering help with gardening, your child will learn valuable skills they'll find useful later in life.

We've looked at some of the reasons your child could benefit from going into the workplace this summer:

Keeps their mind active
During the summer, children who don't keep their minds active risk losing some of their previous learning, and will subsequently find it harder to adjust when the new school term begins. Working a summer job or performing work experience is a great way to keep your child engaged and learning over the summer. It will also instil some routine back into their days and encourage them to be active and get out of the house.

Learn responsibility
Your child will learn to take greater responsibility as they put themselves in a situation where they cannot rely on you to finish a task for them. They will develop greater self-reliance as it will be down to them to manage and fulfil their tasks effectively and to take responsibility for their punctuality, professionalism and attitude.

Develop in confidence and learn new skills
Learning new skills is a great chance for your child to develop in confidence and ability. If your child is doing well within their role, they will feel an enormous sense of pride and get a real boost in self-confidence.

Looks good on the CV
Work experience or seasonal work gives your child a sneak peek into the working environment, and having already been to interviews and worked alongside adults means it will not be as daunting for them when they enter the workplace for real. A CV with lots of work experience shows to a potential employer that your child is proactive and driven, with a 'can-do' attitude. They will also likely have some of the essential skills employers are looking for, giving them an edge over their competition. In filling a work experience placement, your child may get a better idea of what kinds of profession they would be interested in pursuing, helping them when it comes time to choose their GCSE or A-level subjects.

Learn money management
Doing paid work is an excellent way for children to learn the value of money and encourage them to learn how to budget effectively. Having some disposable income for themselves will let them experience that sense of reward and satisfaction that comes from knowing they have worked hard to earn their wage.

Independence and responsibility are key skills fostered by the Kumon Maths and English Programmes. At Kumon, we believe that students succeeding independently in their learning gives them a great sense of accomplishment and enthusiasm for their future learning. Contact your local Kumon centre to learn more.