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The importance of daily practice to develop one's ability

Feb 2018
Toru Kumon understood the importance of consistent and diligent study in order to achieve success.

[Updated in 2020] 

A new family coming to Kumon may question the necessity of daily study for their child's success on the programmes: "He's busy with other extracurricular activities throughout the week, can he do his Kumon every other day?"

Asking Kumon students to study every day is indeed a big commitment which requires dedication and perseverance, but we take this approach because we believe completing an appropriate amount of work on daily is simply more effective for the student than having longer study sessions with extended breaks.

Through this little and often approach our students learn more efficiently and make great progress as they apply what they have learned. This sense of routine also fosters effective study habits and a positive attitude to study.

Consider how you learn a new skill such as learning a new language or playing a musical instrument; you rely on strong focus and regular practice to develop your ability and acquire that skill and knowledge. Therefore, it should be no surprise that students who harness the power of practice can achieve similar success in academics when they apply that same principle.

When founded in 1954, Toru Kumon understood the importance of consistent and diligent study in order to achieve success. He believed in this principle so much that he began reinforcing it in his son's academic studies. Like parents today, Toru Kumon wanted his son to develop his skills to the best of his abilities. Daily practice was the fundamental stepping stone that helped his oldest son, Takeshi, achieve that goal.

The Kumon programmes continue to stress the importance of practicing every day. Around the world, millions of students, are united under the simple principle of daily practice. As many of our student success stories have demonstrated, these Kumon students have achieved remarkable results.

The commitment of daily study can be difficult, but the results are worth it. Students committed to the Kumon programmes are rewarded with a deeper understanding and advanced ability of maths and literacy which will last them a lifetime. They are also learning a very valuable lesson - a little hard work every day can help you succeed!