Where should my child do their homework or study?

Oct 2017
Talk together to find your child's study preference.

Whether it's a dedicated corner in their bedroom or an area at the kitchen dining table, having a comfortable environment for your child to complete their homework and study at home will be of immense benefit to their learning and knowledge retention.

Every person takes in, processes, and can study a little differently, so talk together to find your child's study preference. Improving their self-awareness of their own thought processes through discussion, and helping them gain an understanding of how they best learn early on can really help them excel.

How can you get your child thinking about what works best for their own study?

  • Ask leading questions to get your child thinking about their study, "do you think you got a lot of work done there?", "How focussed did you feel on your work today?"
  • Do they prefer a hum of noise in the background, or do they like silence? Total silence works for some, however the ability to focus with background distractions around, might be a more useful study skill to attain early in life.
  • Get them to consider the ideal time of day that they're ready to consume new information - before school in the morning, straight after school or after dinner? When do they feel most energised and their brain most active?
  • Encourage them to try out different locations to study in. Is their bedroom really a good study place for them at this time? Do they get distracted there? Would the comfort of an adult nearby be more reassuring and motivating? Therefore, a family room might work better and incentivise faster work.
  •  Perhaps consider locations away from the home, as being at home may present too many distractions for them. What about a library or an after-school homework club?

Consistency is key! Get your child to set aside a fixed time each day to study, and try to stick to it. This will get them into a good habit which will further boost the impact of their study and increase their productivity.

Having resources such as stationery, notes and textbooks in the work space, will make it easier for them to stay on task. Likewise ensure things that may distract them i.e. mobile phones are far away. For younger children, why not create an area with includes educational toys such as number boards and flash cards; these will help them become more engaged with their learning and improve their understanding.

If you are trying to encourage your child's love for reading and expand their vocabulary, craft a reading corner with all their books, or if floor space is limited, some shelving.

Our Kumon study centres provide calm, focused environments where students are stimulated to become self-learners. The skills our students develop in this conducive space serve them well at school, at home and beyond.

So, to answer the question "where should my child do their homework or study?", it's all about determining the ideal place for them!