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Why self-learning is important

Oct 2018
Children taking ownership of their learning can develop a breadth of knowledge for themselves.

[Updated in 2020] 

Universities and businesses are placing increasing emphasis on the ability of graduating students to have a better range of skills. With technology readily available to all, in today’s business world it is often not enough to have studied a subject at school or university; competing students are expected to be able to interpret and continually develop a breadth of knowledge themselves. 

Self-learning is an important skill for children as they journey through education and beyond to adulthood, building independence and ability to progress without reliance on a teacher. Traditional, instructional learning has a place in school, however working out an answer or solving a problem by yourself is not only more rewarding, it also helps to solidify the learning.

Encouraging children to assess their own work will enable them to gain a better understanding of what they are best at and what they need to work harder on. If children practice editing and reviewing their work on a regular basis they will soon become familiar with the process of self-assessment.

As children start to take ownership of their learning and experience success, they also develop invaluable confidence and self-motivation. This can increase their enjoyment across a wide range of subjects at school whilst also preparing them for personal and professional success later in life.

The Kumon Maths and English Study Programmes provide an economical way to equip your child with the skills needed to build a bright future and become a self-learner, allowing them to fill in any missing gaps in their study foundations as well as the opportunity to work ahead of their school grade level.

The Kumon worksheets have been constructed in a manner that enables students to progress in small steps from easy to difficult material. Children learn through example questions in our worksheets along with Instructor guidance. This method of learning offers so much more than traditional tuition: it nurtures your child’s independence, developing strong self-learning skills to give them the tools to help them excel in the future.