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How setting New Year's resolutions can be good for you and your family

Jan 2024

One of the most fun parts of the new year is making a fresh start and planning how you’re going to do better in the next 365 days. Lots of people like to do this by setting New Year’s resolutions. Common resolutions are to exercise more, eat less, save more money or to finally finish that book you’ve been reading!

There are a great many benefits to starting off the year with a challenge to yourself. Seeing it through to the end is a way you can demonstrating focus, determination and, ultimately, success to your children, and can shape the way they set themselves challenges too.

This year, why not set a challenge as a family and work towards it together?

Perhaps your family goal could be to all become healthier. You could, for instance, work with your children to set weekly menus, considering the required food groups and your recommended intakes of sugar and salt. In this way, everyone can be involved in keeping the resolution while learning about food in the process.

Or you could challenge the family to do a certain number of hours of exercise per week. This could be at their school, or at clubs or together by taking up a sport such as tennis. Remember, you need to be involved be involved too!

Whatever you decide you goal will be, deciding on a New Year’s resolution such as this is a great way to work together towards fulfilling a target. It also shows your children that you are prepared to work as hard as they.

Demonstrating your willingness to persevere and follow through on a commitment will help your children to develop the same attitudes and achieve their own goals, so let’s make 2024 the year we all set and stick to our resolutions!