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To take advantage of a Free Registration, search for your local centre below and provide us with some basic details on the enquiry form, that will enable you to:

  • Book a free assessment for your child, where you’ll gain valuable insights into their current learning level
  • Receive a study projection that shows what your child can achieve in their first six months of Kumon study
  • Receive your child’s individualised home study worksheets and start your Kumon journey

To try Kumon study, start by finding your local Kumon centre

Four steps to start your Kumon journey

Complete enquiry form
Complete our 30-second enquiry form to request a no obligation assessment meeting for your family
Discuss Kumon with your local Instructor
Your local Instructor will get in touch to confirm the time and location of your assessment meeting and will explain more about studying with Kumon
Enjoy a no obligation assessment meeting
The assessment involves the child sitting a short test, designed to ascertain their current ability and establish topics that require further development
Begin Kumon study
Your child begins their individualised study programme and you’ll experience all the benefits of studying with Kumon

For our Free Registration, Terms and Conditions apply. Participating study centres only.