Kumon Dun Laoghaire student reaches impressive milestone

Jun 2016

11-year-old Rushil joined the Kumon Dun Laoghaire Study Centre in August 2014, enrolling on the Kumon Maths Programme.

He began the programme learning column addition and subtraction and, less than two years later is studying simultaneous equations, as well as graphs, monomials and polynomials!

Rushil's mother Smitha, said: "I had heard very good reviews about Kumon, with regards to improving mental maths ability for children and how they are able to carry out calculations quickly and master the skills.

"Some of my friend's children had started Kumon and I could see an improvement in the ability of the kids, which prompted me to choose Kumon."

Rushil added: "I started on level B, it was not hard at all because it was only addition and subtraction but I still made very silly mistakes. Then there was level C. It still wasn't very hard but it helped me become more fluent in the multiplication tables and division. In D, I started to struggle towards the end, especially long division. It took me a while but I got the hang of it eventually.

"I found level E very interesting because it was all things I hadn't tried before and it was exciting. F was the hardest level I have been through. The hardest part was four operations and word problems. I found that level G was not as hard as I felt prepared for it. Now I am starting level H and so far I am getting on well."

It isn't just Rushil who has noticed the benefits of study the maths programme; since he first joined Kumon, Smitha has noticed changes in Rushil's maths ability as well as study skills. She said: "There has been a huge difference in my son's maths skill ability. Since he has started Kumon he has become very good at mental maths and can carry out calculations in his mind.

"In school he is far ahead of his schoolmates in terms of maths, and he is now helping his friends by explaining how to do certain calculations with ease.

"Kumon has helped my son to excel in his ability not only in maths, but has also given him the confidence to try out difficult tasks without asking for help. This will help him hugely in the future in his abstract thinking and by becoming independent and efficient."

Instructor at the Kumon Dun Laoghaire Study Centre, Tara, has also been impressed by the results of Rushil's hard work: "Rushil has worked very hard, supported by his parents, to reach his current level, which is pretty difficult.

"Rushil is studying work he has not yet done in school, on his own, by following the examples on the worksheets. He has come through the basics of algebra, substitution and simplification, and linear equations. I am very proud of all he has achieved."

Rushil has big dreams for the future: "When I'm older I want to be a mathematician or a software engineer. All the skills will help me because a mathematician needs to know most maths topics.

"The most important thing I learnt from Kumon is that practising the task repeatedly will definitely help to master the skill and improve speed and accuracy."

It's lovely to hear how Kumon is helping a child to reach their full potential and feel that their dreams are achievable. Well done Rushil and keep up the excellent work!