Success stories

Maths enthusiast Daniel continues to excel with Kumon

May 2021

Daniel’s parents noticed that he had a real interest in maths and numbers from a very young age and he became fascinated with how numbers work together. When he was around five years old his continued enthusiasm to learn prompted his parents to actively look for a study programme that would nurture his interest. They discovered Kumon through a recommendation from a relative whose children were already studying the Kumon Maths Programme.

Daniel then joined the Kumon Rathmines Study Centre in May 2019 and in just two years, he has made considerable progress. He is immensely proud that he knows how to do long multiplication and division and is currently studying complex calculations of fractions involving the four operations – and he’s still just seven!

Like all students, Daniel started the Kumon Maths Programme at his own, individually-set starting point. Although he had good early ability in many areas, his Instructor, Mena, identified skills that he could start developing, including the automatic recall of number bonds. This is one of the many skills that Kumon students learn; the ability to hold information in their head and develop an overall mental agility allows them to work with focus and flow. This efficiency also lays the foundations for future success when tackling more advanced maths.

Daniel was able to progress at his own comfortable pace, completely outside of the work he was doing at school. By studying consistently every day, Daniel practised his skills and learned to take complete ownership of his learning, both in maths and across all his schoolwork.

Daniel told us: “I’ve always loved maths since I can remember. I love numbers and was fascinated with how they work and what we can do with them. I used to ask my mum to buy me more maths subject books to complete at home in addition to my school homework.

My maths ability has really improved. When I first joined Kumon, I would count using my fingers and it would take me some time to reach an answer. Now, I can complete calculations in my head, quickly. Kumon is now part of my daily routine; I complete my Kumon after school, and I know it’s because of this daily practice that I’m confident enough to study independently.”

Daniel’s mother Terina, reflects on her son’s progression and achievements with Kumon, telling us,

“I am very happy with the Kumon programme. Daniel has always loved maths and was already good at maths before joining Kumon. After joining, I soon noticed Daniel’s immense enjoyment in completing his daily worksheets. His Instructor, Mena, often gives Daniel additional worksheets to complete since he completes all his assigned work so quickly without any errors!

After receiving positive feedback from his teachers and observing Daniel at home, I can see that Kumon has certainly helped him in his other subjects at school. Daniel now grasps new concepts and understands the tasks at hand quickly, and he is excelling in all his subjects. Before joining Kumon, Daniel used to ask me for help at times with his homework; now he completes all his work independently, quickly, and particularly enjoys problem solving!

I recommended two of Daniel’s school friends to the programme, who are now also studying at the Rathmines centre and I will continue to recommend the Kumon Maths Programme to anyone who desires academic success for their children.”

She added, “Mena has guided Daniel perfectly; she has helped him to become an independent learner and face challenges that come his way confidently. She is always available whenever we need help or support. I cannot thank Mena enough.”

Equally, Instructor, Mena is very proud of Daniel.

“Daniel is so excited when he finishes a level and is about to start the next. He asks to see what the next level looks like and when he sees it, he smiles, and his eyes are so wide! His enthusiasm to learn and practice tirelessly at such a young age is remarkable. His concentration from when he started studying Kumon to now has lengthened considerably in such a short space of time and at such a young age. He said that he finds school work too easy! It is a parent’s wish for his/her own children to become self-reliant learners and joy of learning as soon as possible.”

I asked Daniel’s mother, Terina, how he reacts at home when he comes across a difficult question or a new worksheet. Terina said that Daniel’s ‘I can do it’ attitude kicks into place as he looks carefully at the Kumon example and slowly studies it independently. He is self-reliant and hardly needs to ask for help.

I am incredibly proud of Daniel’s achievements to date. For a seven-year-old boy with an outstanding rate of development and progress in his study skills, it’s no wonder that he will begin studying algebra and higher-level maths with great confidence and joy. I strongly believe that he will achieve enormous success in his study and fulfil his dream in becoming a great scientist! He gives me great joy to be a Kumon Instructor and I am learning so much from him.”

Well done Daniel!  We wish you the best of luck as you continue to advance through the Kumon Maths Programme.