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How will Kumon help my child with their schoolwork?

Sep 2019

[Updated in 2020] 

In recent years, there has been tremendous growth in children recieving educational support away from and in addition to their school work. There has been a growth in tutoring and centres offering Kumon's maths and English programmes are seeing increased demand from parents who are looking to help their children with their school work in the best way possible.

Not only does this additional education support a child’s academic performance, research has also suggested that supplementary education builds confidence, wellbeing, and other characteristics important to a child’s education (Evans and Gillan -Thomas 2015).

The Kumon Method of Learning aims to develop these skills in children alongside their ability in maths and English. Academically, the Kumon Method breaks down the topics into small, manageable steps, allowing the child to spend time thinking about each stage, learning as they go and thinking about what comes next and trying things out. In this way, the child develops a deeper understanding of the subject and is able to progress quickly, often ahead of the level they would be covering by just following the school curriculum. But school success is based on more than the ability to be good at maths or English.

What other skills do children need to develop to succeed in their schoolwork?

  • Time management
  • Ability to study by themselves
  • Self-learning
  • Self-discipline
  • Problem solving
  • The ability to concentrate for longer periods of time
  • Confidence in their abilities
  • A love of learning

Nurturing these skills can ultimately lead to success, both in school, as well as later in life.
Here’s how:

Kumon develops independent learners
Studying with Kumon offers countless opportunities for children to develop in their problem-solving abilities by encouraging them to work out sums and comprehension answers independently. Rather than teaching in the conventional sense, our students develop the skills and attitude to become independent self-learners who do not rely on, or are limited by the skills and knowledge of others.

The Kumon Study Programmes are individualised
Our individualised learning method allows each student to study at the ‘just right’ level, regardless of age or school grade. Through continued study at the ‘just right’ level, Kumon students progress at their own pace, in small manageable steps, and eventually go on to study work beyond their school grade level. This type of individualised instruction prepares children to become active, effective and enthusiastic students who love learning! They develop the skills needed to be life-long learners in an ever-evolving world.

Kumon promotes daily study
The Kumon programmes place emphasis on the importance of practicing every day. We take this approach because we believe completing an appropriate amount of work on a regular basis is simply more effective for a student than having longer study sessions with extended breaks. Through this little and often approach, our students learn more efficiently and make stronger progress as they apply what they have learned. Over time, their confidence, their ability to concentrate for longer periods of time and their time management skills improve.