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Becoming a franchisee

Kumon is looking for driven professionals who are passionate about education, children and helping them build a brighter future. Together with over 750,000 potential Kumon students across Ireland, you can turn that passion into a reality by running your own Kumon study centre where one doesn't already exist or is available because an existing Instructor is retiring.

  • You don't need a background in education to become a franchisee. Many of our Instructors have had careers in law, finance and business and have experienced the benefits of the Kumon programmes themselves through their own families

  • This is a full-time business opportunity where you will build and run your own business while also helping children fulfil their potential

  • You will become part of a network of Instructors that share best practice along with the satisfaction of making a difference to children in your local community

  • You'll have an Area Manager to offer advice and support in launching, running and marketing your Kumon study centre

  • There is a minimal start-up fee and Kumon offers generous subsidies to centres opening in specific venues or areas

  • Through delivering both face to face and online classes, you’ll help many families benefit from learning with our method

What does it mean to be a Kumon franchisee?

Becoming a Kumon franchisee provides a unique opportunity to develop students through the Kumon programmes, as well as building your own study centre and business.

When you join the Kumon network of Instructors, your local Area Manager will work with you to get your study centre up and running as you prepare to start your training. We want to make sure you have what you need to succeed, so as well as two week's initial training, we'll supply you with the business model, the support of our Brand Marketing team, plus we will invest in your professional development with our ongoing instructional training.


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How much will it cost?

Explore the content below to learn more about the costs and rewards of owning your own Kumon centre.

  • A minimum investment of €3,000 towards your licence fee (representing €1,500 per subject for maths and English)

  • You need to budget an additional €1,500 - €2,000 for marketing activity across your first 12 months of business

  • You need to allow for rent or hire of premises, as well as other minimal running costs

  • In the case of franchise re-sales, a fee is paid to the outgoing Instructor for taking over their business

  • You’ll set your own fees, typically in the region of €80 per subject, per month, which parents pay to you directly

  • You’ll be aiming to have average subject numbers of 150-200 subjects in your centre

  • You’ll pay Kumon a fixed cost royalty fee for each student/subject, so it's easy to project your income

  • The Kumon royalty fee covers the Kumon learning materials, your ongoing training and support and much more!

  • You’ll benefit from generous rent and fit-out subsidies towards starting up in a dedicated venue

What is Kumon?

The Kumon Institute of Education was founded in 1958 in Japan by Toru Kumon, both a parent and gifted maths teacher. He created what is now the Kumon Maths Programme for his son Takeshi to help him improve his ability in maths. Our programmes now develop English skills, as well as maths, and are constantly evolving, learning from students and Instructors, to make them as effective as possible. Kumon still stands firm to Toru Kumon’s founding principle: to help as many children as possible excel academically and realise their potential.

The Kumon Maths and English Programmes are complementary to work covered in school, building key skills and academic ability at the student’s own pace. Whilst Kumon does not follow any particular school curriculum, it does help students to build strong foundations that can help them to excel in all subjects at school.

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