How Kumon helped improve my reading comprehension skills

Mar 2018
"I generally feel more confident and independent when it comes to school."

Last month Melodie from Co. Kildare became a Kumon Completer!

This means that at just 13 years old Melodie is a skilled literary critic, able to comprehend and provide high-level analysis of advanced texts from the likes of Shakespeare, Jane Austen and T.S. Eliot. Over the past two years studying on the Kumon English Programme she's built up the knowledge, skill and confidence to tackle concepts beyond her school grade, worked towards fulfilling her potential and now achieved this amazing feat.

We caught up with Melodie to offer our congratulations and, as her Kumon journey comes to an end, hear her thoughts on this chapter of her life.

Melodie told us: "I'm very proud of myself for completing the English programme. At times it felt overwhelming and more like 'I can't do this anymore.' But I'm glad that I was able to persevere through it - I learnt how to spell the word persevere from Kumon - and with encouragement from my Instructor, Colette, finally complete it!

"I remember the programme being quite simple when I started. I wasn't very good at spelling back then, so I was happy to see my worksheets focused more on spellings and identifying words. Because of all the practice I've gotten since from Kumon, I have noticed a positive change in my ability to spell without mistakes.

"I also used to struggle with comprehension; I would know an answer but would not be able to phrase it properly. I feel like Kumon really helped me with this. Phrasing proper sentences to answer written questions is much easier to do now. There are a lot of comprehension questions in our work for the new English Junior Cert. where long sentence answers are expected, but because of Kumon I find that easy to do - that's what I did daily.

"I have much better general knowledge on books, novels, anatomy, astronomy, history, geography, science and everything in between! I now have a feel for how questions are usually phrased and how to answer them in exams, and generally feel more confident and independent when it comes to school."

Like Melodie, Kumon has been a daily custom in her parents' life too. Muyiwa, Melodie's dad, is thrilled by the progress his daughter's made, and proud of the dedication she's shown in finishing the programme. He said: "Kumon has helped Melodie tremendously, especially in her writing and spelling. It's given her an even greater enjoyment of reading, and a good attitude towards daily study which has positively helped her in her other subjects. She recently got straight As in all her subjects in her exams.

"I recommended Kumon to others whilst Melodie was studying on the programme and will continue to do so now she has completed it."

A massive well done to Melodie from everyone at Kumon Europe & Africa; we hope you have a very bright future.