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In honour of celebrating mothers, we thought we would remind ourselves of some iconic mothers in children’s literature.

This Sunday (11 March) is Mother’s Day; a day to thank our mothers for being wonderful.

In honour of celebrating mothers, we thought we would remind ourselves of some of the best mums in children’s literature, many of which feature in books on our Recommended Reading List.

Let’s start off with Mrs Weasley from Harry Potter; this fearless mum also acted as a surrogate mother to Harry, whilst looking out for her own brood. She knits cosy jumpers and is always ready and raring to lend a hand. [ Click here for full story ]

“I generally feel more confident and independent when it comes to school.”

Last month Melodie from Co. Kildare became a Kumon Completer!

This means that at just 13 years old Melodie is a skilled literary critic, able to comprehend and provide high-level analysis of advanced texts from the likes of Shakespeare, Jane Austen and T.S. Eliot. Over the past two years studying on the Kumon English Programme she’s built up the knowledge, skill and confidence to tackle concepts beyond her school grade, worked towards fulfilling her potential and now achieved this amazing feat.

We caught up with Melodie to offer our congratulations and, as her Kumon journey comes to an end, hear her thoughts on this chapter of her life. [ Click here for full story ]

The origins of the Kumon Method

February 23, 2018

After 60 years, true to Toru Kumon’s philosophy, we continue to help as many children as possible develop the ability to fulfil their dreams.

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The importance of daily practice to develop one’s ability

February 19, 2018

Consider how you learn a new skill i.e a language or musical instrument; you rely on strong focus and regular practice to develop your ability. Therefore, it should be no surprise that students who harness the power of practice can achieve similar success in academics when they apply that same principle.

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